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American Akita Dog - Petchess

The American Akita dog is a general companion and guard dog. It is powerful and independent, exhibits a strong protective instinct, and is a great family dog. In this article we will help you understand the amazing facts about this breed.

  1. Introduction
  2. What is an American Akita Dog?
  3. Characteristics and Personality of American Akita Dog
  4. Grooming Needs: Do they shed a lot?
  5. What is the size of the American Akita dog?
  6. What do they look like?
  7. How to take care of an American Akita dog?
  8. Health concerns for this breed
  9. American Akita Dog Training
  10. American Akita dog price
  11. Where Can I Find an American Akita Dog Breeder?
  12. Conclusion

What is an American Akita Dog?

The American Akita is a robust, medium-sized dog. At rest, this dog displays a dignified, aloof, solemn countenance and a regal carriage that befits its ancient fighting dog heritage. The face, nose, back of the ears, and tail are entirely white, with the rest of the coat being a gleaming red-brown. This attractive dog is an excellent family pet, but it is not recommended for first-time dog owners. The dog has a lot of shedding, and it isn’t a “perfect” pet right out of the box. The American Akita is one of the biggest breeds of dog and ranks 16th among the world’s largest dog breeds.

History of Akita dogs

This dog is named after the Akita area of Japan, which is known for producing powerful fighting dogs as well as bear hunters. These canines have a long and noble history in Japan, with roots dating back over thousands of years. The Japanese war operations in the late 1500s popularised them even further. Akita dogs are from the Akita area of Japan. They are a sign of power and courage that may be seen in 18th century art and literature. These dogs are utilised for more than simply hunting. They’re also used in dogfighting matches, which are well-known in this part of the world.

Characteristics and Personality of American Akita Dog

The American Akita dog is intelligent, independent and dominant, but still likes to be with his family. They are extremely devoted to their families and make excellent protection dogs. This is a very good dog with a high level of loyalty. Well known for being an alert, strong and powerful breed. 

With muscular frames, they can be stubborn and obstinate, yet they are also intelligent and teachable. Akitas are free-thinking dogs who sometimes dislike being told what to do. They require strong, consistent training, beginning at a young age. To avoid hostility towards other dogs and strangers, it is always a good idea to properly socialise them.

Akita Grooming Needs: Do they shed a lot?

Akitas demand a great deal of grooming. It is suggested that an Akita’s coat be brushed at least once a day. The Akita is a double-coated breed that sheds heavily all year. Regular grooming is essential because of the frequent shedding. A soft bristle brush, such as a slicker brush, should be used to groom the coats. Dead hair will be removed, and a natural oil will be distributed throughout the coat.

Grooming Tips

It’s vital to understand that shedding is an inevitable aspect of grooming. The American Akita is known for having a long, shaggy coat. It’s vital not to shave too much off the dog’s coat or trim it too short, as these grooming habits can destroy the coat. It’s also crucial to understand that grooming will not change an Akita’s personality. A decent grooming routine should leave the dog looking good without overtaming or making them appear mean. Grooming can be a fun task for a dog owner who has a good relationship with their pet.

What is the size of the American Akita dog?

The American Akita is a large dog breed, with males weighing over 100 pounds and females around 85 pounds, and standing up to an average of 28 inches at the shoulder. They have a powerful body and muscular legs and are well proportioned dogs. The head is big and wedge-shaped with a thick neck. The coats are robust and substantial, making them superb for cold-weather protection. Akitas make excellent family pets because they are devoted and protective.

American Akita dog - Petchess
Image by monicore from Pixabay

What do they look like?

The American Akita is a huge, muscular dog with a body that is longer than it is tall. The ears are small and trapezoidal, and the head is large with a straight and tapering nose. The almond-shaped eyes are dark brown to black in colour. Their tail is tightly curled and has a distinct hook at the tip. The coat is triple layered, with a soft undercoat, a straight topcoat, and a stiff, straight, and harsh outer coat. The hair is short and straight. The hair on the neck, back, and shoulders is longer than the hair on the rest of the body and legs. The coat is crimson in hue with black or brindle undertones.

How to take care of an American Akita dog?

Groom your American Akita dog at least once a week when you first get him. This will aid in the removal of loose hair that can lead to matting and flies. They should be shampooed and conditioned using a decent shampoo and conditioner. You’ll need a large dog tub, a deep bucket, or a sink for the bath. After washing the dog with a coat shampoo, use a coat conditioner. Make sure his ears, eyes, head, and legs are all covered. Then you may thoroughly rinse it. In a few minutes, the dog should be entirely dry. It is preferable to dry outside.

Requirements for Quality Food:

This breed requires at least 3 to 4 cups of high-quality dog food per day, split into two meals. Daily, add a tiny bit of raw meat or raw bones to your diet. Keep in mind that this is a large dog and will eat more than a small dog.

Regularly check for Infection:

Their hair should be combed on a regular basis, and their ears should be examined for infection and debris on a frequent basis.

Keep them on a Leash if Necessary:

Akitas have a high prey drive and should never be off leash near other animals.

The American Akita is a breed known for its longevity. Average life expectancy is 12 years, but with good care, some dogs have lived up to 18 years.

Health Concerns for this Breed

Because the American Akita is such a huge and strong dog, owners should be aware of various health problems. Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, bloat, and persistent diarrhoea are among them. Allergies and skin disorders are very common in Akitas. They are at risk of joint issues later in life due to their enormous stature. To help prevent these health issues, American Akitas should be fed a high-quality diet and given frequent exercise.

American Akita Dog Training

Many owners of American Akita dogs have discovered that training these enormous dogs can be difficult. This is because these dogs are not like Chihuahuas, which are small and hyperactive. American Akita dogs are not yappy or wiggly; rather, they are slow and steady, like huge automobiles. The good news is that the American Akita dog still needs training, which is analogous to training a child in several aspects. Treats and prizes are popular with many dogs. The trick is to figure out what drives your dog. Food rewards should be used as a training strategy if your dog is motivated by food. Check our training guide here for a more detailed approach.

Socialization is the Key

A firm owner who understands the breed should properly socialise and train the Akita over time. A well-trained and socialised Akita will make an excellent companion.

American Akita dog Price

The price of an American Akita is mostly dictated by its pedigree. The pure American Akita is the most expensive. Pure American Akitas cost between $1500 and $2500 on average. Depending on the breeder, the pure-bred American Akita’s blood line, the size, and the age of the dog, pricing may be greater or lower.

Where Can I Find an American Akita Dog Breeder?

There are several ways to locate American Akita dog breeders. For starters, we’ve gathered some useful information and links below from the breeders to help you. There are several American Akita dog breeders if you Google them. Some of them may be a little out of the way, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good breeders. It’s simple to contact the breeder and inquire about the possibility of purchasing an American Akita dog. Stick with a decent breeder once you’ve found one. 

Dogs Online Website

Dogs Online is one of the source that you can use to look for the Akita dog breeders out there. Make sure to get important information from the breeders including their reviews and customer testimonials.

Akita Club of America

ACA aka Akita Club of America is another comprehensive site to look for these breeds. Be sure to check the breeder’s documents regarding the health claims, registration, vaccinations, and puppy agreements before making a purchase.

If you have trouble finding the breeders, you can look them up on the internet. Type “American Akita Dog Breeders” into the search box to find the breeders. Before going to see the breeders, make sure you call them or send them an email. You should pay a visit to the breeders and observe how they care for their pets. Before you buy a puppy from them, go see their facilities.

To Wrap Things Up!

The American Akita is a calm, confident, and dignified dog with a strong sense of loyalty. This is a dog that will keep a close eye on its owner and will quickly alert them to any strangers who approach. This is a dog that will not accept any abuse and will retaliate with severe vigour if it believes it or its humans are in danger. Akita is not a dog to be taken lightly; nevertheless, it is a dog that will rapidly accept and attach with the family it has been given. This is an excellent dog for individuals who want to be the pack leader but are also eager to be led.

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